Program Summary

Loma Linda University (LLU) and UPeU have partnered together to initiate a medical Spanish immersion program for LLU medical students, as well as students from other healthcare professions.  Taking the educational needs of medical students into consideration, UPeU has offered to create a customized mission elective experience that combines half-day medical Spanish study with half-day clinical rotations for students in the medical field.  UPeU will host medical Spanish study on its campus, while clinical rotations will be provided in a wide variety of hospital settings, from larger, private hospitals to social security hospitals serving those with employment to smaller government hospitals and clinics that serve the poor. In addition to language study and clinical rotations, students will have the opportunity to participate in UPeU campus life, including cross-cultural exchange with UPeU medical students, church activities, service activities, and cultural activities in Lima.  UPeU is also willing to assist students in coordinating excursions to other parts of Peru (i.e., Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Puno, Paracas).

The program allows for a maximum of nine (9) students at a time.

Program Structure

Students will complete 2-3 hours of clinical rotations Monday – Thursday mornings, followed by 3-4 hours of Spanish language study, Monday – Thursday afternoons and Friday morning.  Weekends will be less structured, allowing students the opportunity to get involved in campus activities or do some local tourism.

Program Duration

4 weeks; students may be able to stay longer if UPeU is notified in advance and approves an extended elective time.

Medical Sites

UPeU enjoys positive relationships with a vast network of medical sites, including public and private hospitals and community-based clinics.  Every effort will be made to structure rotations according to students’ interests and level of medical knowledge and Spanish-language ability.

Medical Preceptor Oversight of Student Experience

UPeU will contract with a local physician to provide mentorship for the students participating in this program.  The physician will be responsible for ensuring that students meet the goals and objectives of their mission elective.  Because the physician may be practicing in a variety of hospital settings, students can expect to be exposed to more than one clinical setting during their time in Peru.

Host Site Cultural Considerations

UPeU is a Seventh-day Adventist institution that upholds the beliefs and spiritual culture of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Students participating in this elective are asked to respect the spiritual climate of the campus and adhere to the expectations outlined in the LLU Student Handbook.  Students found to be in violation of the Student Handbook may be asked to leave UPeU prematurely at their own cost.

Lodging & Meals

Students will be housed in the dormitories of UPeU, along with Peruvian students pursuing their own academic programs.  When on campus, students will eat their meals in the campus cafeteria.  If students are not on campus during mealtime (i.e., possibly during a clinical rotation), they will be responsible for their own meals.

Health and Travel Insurance

Students are required to travel with adequate travel/health insurance.  The LLU Risk Management Student Health Plan provides international healthcare coverage for students.  SIMS purchases additional short-term travel insurance for students participating on this university-approved elective.


Students may be required to take public transportation to their clinical sites in the afternoons.  UPeU will ensure that students are prepared to use public transport, including buses and taxis.  Students should be prepared to pay for transportation costs.

Program cost

Medical Spanish Program for Fourth year Medicine students and Family Medicine Residents

Pueden pagarlo por LAMB con este usuario y clave y envían el voucher

usuario: alumnos.dsa
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Pueden pagarlo por LAMB con este usuario y clave y envían el voucher

usuario: alumnos.dsa
Clave: DsaAlumno

Cultural tours

Throughout South America, prices at hotel shops and tourist shops are generally fixed; however, when shopping at the local markets, bargaining is expected.



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